Event Planning Timeline

In Punch Up, we like to plan things slowly and well in advance. When we organize an event, we use a version of this timeline to organize the sequence of our tasks, attaching dates to each step. You can see an example of how we put it into practice here. You can adjust this timeline based on your own preferences and organizing style, but we hope it provides a useful starting point.

1. Make the Initial Plan

  • confirm date and time for event
  • develop task timeline

2. Elaborate the Plan

  • discuss general event plan (i.e., what will happen?)
  • brainstorm accessibility plan (i.e., potential need for childcare, support people, translation, layout of room, physical access, washrooms, transportation subsidy)
  • discuss other event logistics (e.g., refreshments, room arrangements, etc.)
  • determine whether to require pre-registration
  • decide about whether to fundraise and, if so, how
  • discuss promotional strategy (e.g., invite groups? ask groups to publicize?)
  • divvy up tasks listed below that occur prior to next meeting

3. Settle Logistics & Start Promotion

  • book venue
  • draft preliminary budget
  • develop event announcement/invitation (include suggested readings, if relevant)
  • launch Facebook event page with venue, accessibility, and any other details
  • send mass email announcement
  • draft poster/identify individual to draft poster

4. Further Promotion & Review

  • finalize poster
  • make plan for postering
  • update Facebook event page and post poster and hype item
  • send event blurb and poster to people and ask them to post to relevant lists
  • review event plan, make any final revisions, distribute facilitation responsibilities

5. More Promotion & Confirm Logistics

  • post article or other hype item to Facebook page
  • assign people to procure snacks, bus tickets, and any other materials

6. Final Promotional Push – one week before event

  • finalize accessibility plan (i.e., task people confirmed, additional requests from attendees)
  • post article or other hype item to Facebook page
  • share Facebook event widely again with “next week!” message
  • send second mass email announcement
  • draft evaluation survey (online or paper copies)

7. Reminder – 1-2 days prior to event

  • send reminder to “going” and “interested” groups on Facebook

8. Day of Event

  • arrive at venue and set up
  • run event
  • clean up and go home

9. Follow-Up – External – 1-2 days after event

  • post thank you to all who attended, helped, etc.
  • sent evaluation survey link to attendees

10. Follow-up meeting

  • debrief event
  • prepare any thank you cards