bookmark_borderOttawa Organizing Guide: Planning Timeline, Accessibility Checklist, Spaces & Places

With the aim of increasing local organizing infrastructure, Punch Up has begun assembling a series of resources we hope will help organizers plan and carry out effective social justice events, demonstrations, and actions.

So far, we’ve put together 3 short guides:

  1. Event Planning Timeline
  2. Event Accessibility Checklist
  3. Map of Event Spaces & Places

Please use these, modify them to suit your own organizing context, and share as needed.

We’ll be adding to these resources over time. If there’s an issue or topic you’d like to see addressed, or if one of the above guides is missing something crucial, contact us at

bookmark_borderThe Ottawa Police’s Long History of Violence and Racism

With the ongoing trial of Constable Daniel Montison in Ottawa, we contributed an in-depth article on the Ottawa police to the new issue of The Leveller. This is a companion piece to our timeline of Ottawa police violence featured in the previous issue. Drawing on public records, media accounts, and independent investigations, we examine a history of violence and racism, ineffective oversight, reports that go nowhere, and bloated budgets. We argue that taking all of this together clearly indicates that the OPS, as an institution, is rotten to the core. While there’s a lot that we couldn’t cover in this article, we do hope this piece helps to share some context for understanding and challenging the police in our city.