Radical Events Ottawa List 2.0

We are very happy to announce the launch of a new version of the Radical Events Ottawa (REO) List!

You can view the new REO List at this link.

In addition to the weekly REO List email, which will go out every Monday, we have replaced the text-only weekly events blog post with a persistent online visual calendar. This calendar format allows you to view upcoming events in different formats, and makes it much easier for groups to add or edit their own events. In addition, each event has it’s own individual permalink, making your event easily shareable by email, on socials, on other platforms, or even on good old fashioned posters and flyers.

The Radical Events Ottawa List has grown a lot since we launched it five years ago. It now goes out to hundreds of local organizers and activists weekly via our email list, website, Twitter, and Facebook. We’re hopeful these changes will help the REO List become even more useful for organizations looking to spread the word about their actions, campaigns, and events.

You can find more information how to submit events and general information about the REO List at this link.