bookmark_borderNazis Out! Financial Support for Injured California Anti-Racists

The Punch Up Collective has made a financial donation to the medical and legal fund in support of those anti-racists and anti-fascists injured during the successful shut down of a white supremacist rally in California on June 26th, 2016. 

More than 200 anarchists and anti-fascists prevented members of the Traditionalist Worker Party and other assorted white power groups from rallying at the Capitol Building in Sacramento, California on Sunday. 

Unfortunately, several anti-fascists were seriously injured, at least 5 of whom were stabbed by white power members.

Punch Up believes that racism and white supremacy are systemic and structural, and combatting them requires powerful and committed community-based organizing on multiple fronts. That said, we also absolutely believe that when fascists attempt to organize in our cities and towns, they need to be confronted directly in the streets.

We send our love, respect, and solidarity to all those in Sacramento who helped send the racists packing, and put their bodies on the line to do so.

A fund has been set up to assist those injured with their medical costs, as well as any legal bills that may result. You can make a donation here: The Anti-Nazi Effort in Sacramento on 6/26

You can also send get well / support cards to:
Sacramento Prisoner Support
PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816

You can find more details on what happened in Sacramento (warning: some images are graphic) on

Additionally, this interview after event with By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) organizer Yevette Felarca gives a solid overview of what took place and why.